Welcome to working with Teen Hearts!

Before we get started, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to work with us! We can't express our gratitude in words alone, nor do we want to, so let's get you paid!

Step 1) Spread the word about Teen Hearts

Teen Hearts is a new company, and we need you to represent us to your fans, friends and family. Since we're so new, there are TONS of people who have yet to see our awesome alien shirts, our tie dyes, or even our basic prints. The more you talk about us, the more you can earn!

Step 2) Give out your code

By working with Teen Hearts, we will pay you for bringing us new customers. We can tell who you brought to our site by tracking your special coupon code or your referral link. If you forgot your code, or you need to copy your link again, check your approval email!

We've created graphics for you to use, or you can use your own. If you'd like to see our available graphics, click a button below!

Step 3) Check your earnings

For every customer you bring to us, you will earn 10% of what they spent in cash OR 20% of what they spent in Store Credit for TeenHearts.com ! Anytime you make a sale happen, you'll get an email saying how much you earned and who bought something!

To check and see how much you've made, you can click the button below to go to our sign in page and check your sales!