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Below are a list of questions we've received with regards to our paid modeling program, along with answers for each. This page is constantly updated, so please check back for the most recent information.

Paid Modeling: How does it work?

Teen Hearts sought out fans that could help represent our brand. Models for Teen Hearts received a discount code to go towards the purchase of products on our store.

With our paid modeling program, you are able to offer a discount code to your fans, friends and family and receive a commission on the sales you bring in. The amount of commission depends on whether you would like to be paid in cash (10% of sale) or store credit (20% of sale).

Additionally, you have the opportunity of sharing a referral link to your fans, friends and family which will, also, help track your sales. If they haven't been to the Teen Hearts site before, the link will automatically use your code when they check out, so they won't need to remember your code to use it!

Paid Modeling: Why use links?

As said above, links will automatically use your code at checkout, as long as the person has not been to the Teen Hearts website before. If they have been to our store, the link may still use your code, as long as they haven't left something in their cart and tried to use a different code. 

While a customer must use your coupon code at check out for you to receive credit, links are a great way for you to see how many people are clicking your links. Plus, it gives you a better idea of how much influence you have over fans!

Paid Modeling: Where can I check my sales?

You will be notified of each approved sale via the email you provided us with. To check all of your sales, use our affiliate dashboard by logging in here.

Paid Modeling: When are payments made?

Payments for models are processed on the 15th of every month. You will receive a notification that a payment has processed if you are owed money.

Paid Modeling: What is store credit?

Store credit is another term for a gift card that only works with our online store, located at

Paid Modeling: How long after using my referral link does someone have to make a purchase?

Sales made through referral links must be within anytime of the potential customer clicking the link to qualify as an approved purchase. Just make sure they used your code!

Paid Modeling: Where can I share my coupon code?

Sharing your coupon code is allowed in person, on social media websites, via email, etc.

Coupon codes are not allowed on coupon hosting websites such as,, etc.

We occasionally check these sites for coupons connected to our store. We claim the right to cancel payments and terminate accounts of models who's coupons are connected with these sites.

Posting your coupon code on social media posts made by Teen Hearts is not allowed and can result in termination of your account.

Paid Modeling: Can I give out other coupon codes besides my own?

Absolutely! If you have a friend that would like to use a larger discount, you are absolutely able to give them a promotional code. However, for these purchases, you will not receive cash / store credit. If you want to earn cash or store credit from purchases, they must match your coupon code!

Paid Modeling: Is purchasing product necessary to be a paid model?

No, it is not required to purchase product to be paid for sharing the site with your fans, friends, and family. If you do not have product from us and would like to not be listed as a paid model, we are soon launching a page to work for Teen Hearts without modeling attached. Stay tuned!

Paid Modeling: How do I get paid?

Models are paid on the 15th of every month, whether it's Store Credit or Cash.

Store Credit payments are made via Gift Card and are sent to the email address you used when you signed up with us.

Cash payments are made via PayPal. A PayPal account is required when signing up for cash payments. We cannot mail a check or physical cash to you. PayPal is required for cash payments.

Paid Modeling: I used the wrong email when signing up, how do I fix this?

If you have not been paid yet, you can change the email address connected to your account by logging into your paid modeling dashboard. You can do that by clicking here

If you have been paid via Gift Card, we can cancel the old gift card and resend one to your corrected email, so long as the Gift Card has not been used. If the Gift Card has been used, we cannot cancel it and send you another.

If you have been paid via PayPal, unfortunately, we cannot resend payments to your later corrected address.

Paid Modeling: Why is my payment lower than what I am supposed to have made?

If your payment, whether Cash or Gift Card, does not match the amount you were meant to receive, please contact our support channel by using this form: